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How To Use LDN

Week 1 1.5mg 1 (1.5mg) Capsule
Week 2 1.5mg 1 (1.5mg) Capsule
Week 3 3.0mg 1 (3.0mg or 2 x 1.5mg) Capsule
Week 4 3.0mg 1 (3.0mg or 2 x 1.5mg) Capsule
Week 5 4.5mg 1 (4.5mg or 3 x 1.5mg) Capsule
Week 6 4.5mg 1 (4.5mg or 3 x 1.5mg) Capsule
Week 7 onwards 4.5mg 1 (4.5mg or 3 x 1.5mg) Capsule

Directions for Use:
 Begin with LDN 1.5 mg capsule by mouth daily as directed on the above chart. Increase by specified
amount every 14 days. Bedtime dosing is optimal for most people, you may change to an alternate
time if necessary.
 It is recommended to begin therapy on a Sunday to ensure that every Sunday you are moving to the
next week’s dosage.
 Take naltrexone exactly as it was prescribed for you.
 If side effects such as: headaches, vivid dreams, insomnia or flu-like symptoms occur then you may
need to speak to your provider or authorized pharmacist about a dosage adjustment that may be
 You may want take your LDN capsule with food to decrease stomach upset.
 It is very important to take your LDN regularly to achieve the optimal benefit.
Reasons to stick with therapy plan (DO NOT GIVE UP)
 For some patients they will see results within the first month, while yet other patients may take up to 6
months or though rarely even up to a year to see real benefits and symptom relief.
 Patient compliance is the number one factor in assuring a positive outcome.
 Desire to achieve a better quality of life with less health issue and symptoms.

 Allergic to Naltrexone
 You have a drug addiction to narcotics
 A history of narcotic drug use within the past 7 to 10 days.
 Opioid drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms.