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Our Story

It all started some 20 years ago.

I was working full time in the pharmacy industry and slowly became more tired every day and started having all sorts of pains to the point working full time was no longer an option for me.

Fast forward some 10 years after trying many treatments I came across LDN and this has been a real game changer for my issues, to the point where I no longer consider myself sick and go about a normal good quality of life due to LDN.

I have been compounding LDN for 10 years and have not looked back. My purpose is to make LDN available to everyone who needs it.

Making LDN require multiple triturations and extensive powder mixing using proven powder mixers to achieve uniform and accurate capsules.

We are driven by values

Better quality and better pricing what more could you want.

All LDN products are supplied as 90 capsules and shipped worldwide at no extra cost.

Great Pricing

We offer great pricing on LDN. You can buy LDN at the best pricing without paying extra for shipping.

Deeply Committed

We are committed in supplying the best Naltrexone products we can. After is its the same LDN as we use.

Highly Skilled

All LDN capsules are compounded in a licenced Pharmacy.

Keith Marshall


George Williams


Julia Castillo

Client Service